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Industrial Plants

Two focal points of the TECCON Industrial Plants activities are the design and supply of plants for the processing of woody biomass to fuel pellets and the supply of biological based air emission control systems.

In both cases, key technology developed by TECCON is responsible for the exceptional efficiency: the patented PELLET.TOWER and the Biofilter System which required several years of research and development to achieve its current perfection.

In the field of flexible automation, TECCON supports its customers to make operational functions more responsive, faster, and therewith economical. For this purpose, hardware components such as industrial robots, CNC machines or customized sensors are used as well as software-packages like CAD, CAE or CAM.

TECCON optimally applies its production capacity in the supply of tanks or of large pipelines, including pipe bridges, which are further examples for the activities of the Industrial Plants division.

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